Row For Research 2019

Brighton Train Station

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This is a supporter-organised event.

This event is organised by a supporter in aid of Cancer Research UK. Cancer Research UK staff may have supported the event organiser but the charity is not responsible for the event itself. Our supporters are legally obliged to return any fundraising money that they have collected in aid of Cancer Research UK. Any questions about the event should be directed to the event organiser directly.

The event organiser is encouraged to look at all aspects of safety for their event or activity. Cancer Research UK cannot accept responsibility for any loss, damage or injury caused as a result of taking part in the event.

About this event:       

This event is being held by two Southern Rail employees, moved to want to raise money for life saving research after suffering the effects of loosing colleagues and loved ones to cancer. These two ex-servicemen will row the equivalent distance of England to France non stop for 24 hours this Christmas. They hope to raise money through sponsorship, cash donations on the day and through the support of their employers, Southern Rail.

On the day:    

John and Quinny will row non stop for 24 hours. They invite the great british commuters to join them in this challenge by supporting their efforts through donations, words of encouragement and sponsorship.

Get involved:

We ask that any local performers and artists pop along througout the day to entertain them, keep them going and showcase their talents to help raise even more money for life saving research. Companies can use the event to engage staff by coming down and rowing with them on the static bike available, helping them covering the distance and getting invovled in this fundraiser in the true spirit of chrsitmas giving.


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