Marathon Month Challenge

Run 26.2 miles over month for Cancer Research UK.

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Run 26.2 miles in a month in a way that suits you and raise money for life-saving research.

We remain dedicated to beating cancer, and your support will make a huge difference to our vital work.

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How it works

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Sign up to receive your fundraising page and choose the month of your marathon. You can connect your fundraising page to your Strava account to track your miles.

Run 26.2 miles in a month

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It's your route, your time, your marathon. Whether it's a mile a day or all in one go - it's up to you!

Raise money for life-saving research

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Share your fundraising page with others to encourage donations. Every penny you raise will help beat cancer. 

There are plenty of free apps that will allow you to track your running miles. We recommend Strava so you can link your account to your fundraising page so your friends and family can track your progress.

Once you've set up your fundraising page, simply select the 'Connect to Strava' and your miles will be published onto your fundraising page.

Click sign up and complete the registration form which will just take a few minutes, you'll then receive an email to verify your email address and set up your fundraising page. You can then personalise your fundraising page and set your marathon month.

Marathon Month Challenge is hosted on the GivePenny website, so you’ll be redirected to their site to set up your fundraising page.