Cycle 300 FAQs

This is a fundraising initiative whereby supporters are encouraged to take up a personal sponsored cycle challenge in a month and ride 300 miles for Cancer Research UK. You can complete this distance all in one go or split up over the month and both on the road or on an indoor bike.

Anyone and everyone of all ages can enter, however, we will not be marketing to anyone under 18.

Yes, you can register as an individual but can take on the challenge as a team and split the miles up between a group. You can also set up a Team Online Giving Page and invite others to join and connect their Online Giving Pages to make fundraising a real team effort. Full instructions on how to set up a Team Online Giving Page can be found here.  

There is no entry fee for Cycle 300. We encourage you to fundraise for your challenge using your Online Giving Page. 

Using your Online Giving Page is the easiest and quickest way to raise money.

Set up Online Giving Page

There is not a minimum amount of fundraising that we set for participants, but we recommend that supporters set a reasonable target of raising about £150.  

You can ride any bicycle you want but we highly recommend using a well-maintained road bike that you feel comfortable on.

If you don’t have a GPS device, your phone will have plenty of apps to track to distance you covered. Strava, Fitbit, Map My Ride and Google Maps are all free and highly recommended apps but there are plenty more to choose from.

You can connect your Strava account to your Online Giving Page so your miles will automatically appear on your page after every ride, allowing friends and family see you get closer your goal.

Connect to Strava

Roughly the distance from London to Luxembourg. You could split the distance up over the month or ride 10 miles every day. With an average speed of between 17 to 18 mph, it should take 15 – 20 hours to complete the full distance.

There are plenty of ways you can hit your distance - rack up the miles by cycling all or part of your commute, switch the car for your bike to pop to the shops or attend weekly spin classes at your local gym.

Take on Cycle 300

Cycle 300 miles in a month to raise money for life-saving cancer research.

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