Walking 10,000 steps

Walking up steps labelled 10,000

Struggling to reach your daily step count? Check out our top 10 ways to smash your 10,000 steps by making simple lifestyle changes or getting your steps in alternative ways:

1. Get out and about at lunch

Lunchtime is a great way to get away from the desk and get in some steps with colleagues. Instead of spending your whole break at your desk, spend half the time going for a walk. Just 15 minutes of movement can log 1000 steps.

2. Take the stairs

Ditch the escalator or lift and take the stairs. An average flight of stairs has 10 to 12 steps so easy way to squeeze in an extra few steps.

3. Set a timer

If you spend most of the day at a desk, set a timer every hour to get up and take a walk. It’s also a good reminder to fill up your water bottle and stay hydrated!

4. Get off a stop earlier

Why not get off a stop earlier on the train or bus when commuting to work or meeting friends to get some extra steps?

5. Convert your exercise into steps

A 45-minute fitness class can clock in over 5,700 steps! Find a class you enjoy while getting your steps in to be halfway to your daily goal.

6. Catch up with friends

Instead of going for a coffee with friends, take your catch up outside and go for a walk. It’s also a great way to discover new places in your local area!

7. Park further away

Every couple hundred steps of walking to or from your car quickly adds up. An easy one if you do need to take the car.

8. Convert household chores

Tick off your weekly chores while getting in your daily step count. Your weekly 30-minute food shop clocks in at 2000 steps and an hour of housework scores you on average 4800 steps. 

9. Go for a dog walk

If you don’t own a dog, you can always volunteer to walk your friends or neighbours. The average person will get in 4000 steps for one 30 minute walk.

10. Walk and talk

Take your business calls on-the-go, or skip the conference room and have walking meetings with your colleagues.