Volunteer Superheroes wanted!

Be a part of the Shine Glasgow Volunteer Team and support hundreds of people walking through the night to raise thousands for Cancer Research UK. 

From building marquees, handing out refreshments or even cheering along the course we're always in need of help to make the event an unforgettable experience.

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Excited to help wherever you can?! Then sign up to be a general volunteer and let us take care of where your time can be most valued. By being upbeat and proactive you’ll make a real difference to fellow volunteers and the thousands of walkers taking part no matter where you’re positioned.

Details about your shift will be confirmed three weeks before the event weekend and if you sign up as part of a group we’ll keep you together.

  • Must be 13 years of age or over

‘I never expected the Shine walkers to be so pleased to see us…it was great to be able to entertain and support them, and receive such lovely reactions in return. The best people are found at your events, participants, volunteers and staff!’

- Robert, Shine Volunteer 2016

Join one of our zone teams and, together with a team of fellow course and cyclist volunteers, support in a section of the marathon route for the night. As a course volunteer you’ll be on hand to to support every walker; whether to help point them in the right direction, safely navigate a crossing, or just when they need to hear a cheer and see a smiling face.

We need course volunteers from Saturday evening all the way through ‘til midday on Sunday, so no matter what time you can give, you’ll make a real difference. All you need is bags of enthusiasm and great communication skills to encourage walkers to keep going! 

  • Must be 13 years of age or over

‘I had a fantastic spot where I could cheer on all the walkers towards the end of their route…I was proud to represent Cancer Research, to answer questions about the cause and the event and to be a happy and helpful face for the public and the walkers.’

- Jane, Course Volunteer 2016

Keen to use pedal power?! Join one of our zone teams, where alongside course volunteers you’ll help to ensure the safety and welfare of each and every Shine walker.  You’ll also be instrumental in keeping morale up amongst your zone team by helping to get hot drinks and other facilities out to course volunteers.

As well as a confident cyclist we need great communicators too, so if you have your own bike, a helmet and front and back lights for your bike then sign up now and be part of a life-changing team. 

  • Must be 13 years of age or over
  • Must bring your own bicycle and be a confident cyclist
  • Must have your own cycling helmet and front and back lights for your bike

‘I had previously run 28 marathons and I know what motivation can do to boost efforts in later stages of that distance. None of which prepared me for the fellow enthusiastic volunteers and the Herculean drive of the participants…the Shine Night event is truly one of a kind and I feel honoured and moved to be a part of it.’
- Jon, Cyclist Volunteer 2016

Get stuck in at one of our pit stops where you’ll be helping walkers to get some refreshments as well as grab a plaster for a potential blister! Our pit stops are a support hub for our walkers and we need teams of volunteers to be proactive and compassionate to make sure that walkers feel re-energised to continue taking steps to the all important finish line.

This is a fantastic opportunity in particular for large groups to stay together and share their volunteering experience.

  • Must be 13 years of age or over


‘The smiles! Every participant was smiling, though some of them weren't when they got to me. They all were when they left and that made it all worthwhile! I'll be back next year!’

– Francis, Pitstop Volunteer

At Shine our venue, which makes up the start and finish of the event, is crucial and we need your help to offer the support, attention and care to our participants that they need. Love meeting new people and working as a team? Then this is the role for you! 

There are all kinds of activities to get involved with; from putting up marquees and banners, giving out course maps and medals to each and every walker, helping with our bag drop service as well as cheering walkers from the start line, and celebrating their final few steps through the finish line.

  • Must be 13 years of age or over


‘Cheering people over the finish line - it's great to give them that extra bit of support and see them buck up a little, tired as they are. It feels like I've shared their journey.’

- Sheila, Venue Volunteer 2016

Volunteer as a group

Group volunteering

Whether you’re a pair, a cadet group or a group of colleagues, we want to ensure that you get to volunteer together. All you need to do is agree on a group name and when you each sign up, share that same name in each application. Any concerns get in touch – volunteering-shineglasgow@cancer.org.uk

What it means to be part of the Shine Volunteer Team

‘Volunteering for the Shine Night Walk was my way of remembering my best friend who lost her battle in 2011. Now, not only do I volunteer to remember my best friend, my aunt is going through chemotherapy for breast cancer so this year I have double the reason to cheer on those taking part. Cheering everyone on gives those struggling a boost to carry on and gives them the buzz that I get in volunteering, it's truly the best thing I have ever done and Lou would be proud.’

– Steph, Shine Volunteer Ambassador

Get in touch

Do you have a question concerning volunteering at Shine or a change in details from when you originally signed up? Paul, our Volunteer Manager, is on hand to support you so please get in touch by email and he’ll get back to you within a couple of days; volunteering-shineglasgow@cancer.org.uk