Choose your Tough 10 Training plan

We’ve teamed up with RunningwithUs to bring you all your Tough 10 training needs. 

Running with Us have created two 10k training plans which are designed to build on your current experience - whether you’re new to trail running, have tackled road 5k, 10k or even marathon events before or are just looking to push your level of fitness. You can dowload these plans below. 

More training advice

Getting off-road

Here are Tom from RunningwithUs' 5 things to take you from trail newbie to Tough10 vet:

  1. Run like a Jedi - ‘Feel’ the difference between a jog and run and how this varies over different terrains. Accept you'll need to speed up and slow down to maintain the same effort.
  2. Mix it up – Obstacles, trees, rocks, ascents and descents – every trail is different, and will change according to recent weather and light conditions.
  3. Look ahead - Aim to look 3-5m down the trail and anticipate obstacles. Keep your senses sharp!
  4. Stay Safe – Be sensible with the routes you pick and don't be too ambitious early in the plan. Take a charged mobile phone with you.
  5. Manage the ego – If you hit sections that look too difficult stay safe - either walk through it, around it or find a different route.