The Great Row 2019 FAQs

What is The Great Row?

The Great Row is a mass participation indoor rowing event where we call on the nation to row a marathon in February and raise money for Cancer Research UK. You can complete the challenge between 01/02/2019 and 01/03/2019 at your local gym or rowing club. We’ll supply training and fundraising tips at and in regular email communications.

How do I advertise The Great Row and invite others to take part?

We’ve created a promotional poster which you can display if you have a venue, such as a workplace or university. If you’d like any additional promotional materials then contact and we’ll get some Cancer Research UK branded materials to you. You can also share the link on social media to encourage other people to take part in the challenge and fundraise.

Where can I find out more information about the event?

Visit for more information. If you have any specific questions, please contact and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Key dates

The Great Row launch: from the 4 January, you can sign up to take on The Great Row – it’s free to register!

The Great Row challenge: 1 February – 1 March 2019 The last day you can sign up is 28 February 2019

Who can take part in The Great Row?

The Great Row is open to people of all sporting abilities, but you must be aged 18 or over on 1 February 2019 to take part.

Participants are responsible for ensuring that they are physically able to take part in The Great Row. If you’re unsure of your physical ability to take part, you should seek medical advice from your GP prior to the event. All participants enter The Great Row entirely at their own risk. Cancer Research UK, its volunteers and employees shall not be liable for any injury, damage or loss suffered by participants or their property as a result of participation in The Great Row, other than in respect of death or personal injury arising as a result of Cancer Research UK’s negligence.

How do I take part?

You can enter The Great Row at

How much does it cost?

It’s free to register for The Great Row. We encourage a minimum fundraising target of £100 per participant.

Where can I train? You can train at your local gym or rowing club. Visit to find out more.

Can I take part as a group?

Yes, you can complete the challenge as a team if you prefer. Split up the distance between you and take it in turns to row, cheering your teammates on. Or you can all row at the same time!

To join The Great Row as a team:

  • Each team member signs up individually at
  • Ask one team member to add all the other members to their CRUK Giving Page to create a team page. You can all share the link on social media, letting your family and friends know about the challenge.
  • Complete the marathon as a team during February.

I can no longer take part in The Great Row. Can those who have sponsored me on my CRUK Giving Page get a refund?

First, close down your CRUK Giving Page as soon as you can to prevent any further donations. If you already have donations on your page, we regret that these cannot normally be refunded. Any donations made to your CRUK Giving Page are directly paid to the charity.

Where does the money I raise go?

Money raised for The Great Row helps to fund Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work to prevent cancer, diagnose it earlier, develop revolutionary new treatments and make the treatments we already have more effective. Our vision is to bring forward the day when all cancers are cured, from the most common types to those that affect just a few people.

What kind of research will the money I raise help to fund?

At Cancer Research UK, we fund research into more than 200 types of cancer. We support more than 4,000 researchers, doctors and nurses, and partner with more than 80 organisations all over the world. We also invest heavily in activity to inform policymakers, doctors and the public about reducing risk and early diagnosis.

How do I create an online CRUK Giving Page?

When you sign up to take part in The Great Row, your CRUK Giving Page will be automatically created. Just copy the page link and share it with your friends, family and on social media! To see our fundraising tips and download The Great Row fundraising pack, visit

How can I pay in the money I raise?

By using your CRUK Giving Page, all the money is automatically paid to Cancer Research UK to help fund life-saving research.

What is Gift Aid?

If your sponsors are UK taxpayers, the Government’s Gift Aid scheme allows Cancer Research UK to claim at least 25% tax back on their donations, without it costing them a penny. Find out more about Gift Aid

Can I have some fundraising materials? Download The Great Row fundraising pack at