The Great Hike

Take on a Great Hike this summer

Escape everyday life, discover breathtaking views and take on a hike anywhere in the UK or abroad to fund life-saving cancer research.

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Choose a hike that suits you. Whether you want to snap a selfie at the top of Snowdonia or take in the breathtaking views of the Surrey Hills, the money you raise will help beat cancer.

A hike involves moving through set trails in natural areas such as mountains, hills or national parks where there is more of an incline.

Hiking usually requires more effort and energy than just a walk (dependant on the terrain), even more reason why your friends and family should sponsor you!

This is dependant on your route.

It takes the average person 30 minutes to hike a mile on gentle terrain, taking into account the slow pace many take when admiring scenery and navigating through uneven terrain.

Use this to roughly work out how long it will take you to complete your hike, adding an extra 30 minutes for every 1,000 feet of elevation gain (uphill). Descent (downhill) is assumed to take as long as walking on a flat trail.

Remember things like fitness level, the terrain, equipment and weather can all impact your pace.

There are plenty of ways to raise money for life-saving cancer research. Here are just a few:

Get sponsored - You're taking on an epic challenge so get your friends and family to show their support.

Donate to your Giving Page - If you find asking for sponsorship awkward then why not donate to your own Giving Page instead?

Host a fundraising event - Turn those practice hikes into a fundraiser by asking others to join you on a mini hike in exchange for a donation.

Spread the word on social - Let everyone know you're taking part and raising money for Cancer Research UK alongside a link to your Giving Page to encourage donations.

You can take on your Great Hike on any date that suits you.

We recommend you set your date over summer to make the most of daylight hours and the good weather!

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