Benefits of regular exercise

Female climbing

KEEP A HEALTHY WEIGHT: Regular exercise along with a healthy balanced diet helps maintain a healthy weight which reduces the risk of cancer and other diseases.

SAVES MONEY: Exercising on the way to work will help you save on those costly commuter journeys in the car or on the train.

RELIEVES STRESS: It’s the perfect way to zone-out and rid yourself of any daily stress plus exercise can increase levels of endorphins (sometimes known as feel-good hormones) leaving you feeling better than ever. 

A WAY TO SOCIALISE: Playing a sport or being part of a team is a great way to meet new people and socialise with friends.

IMPROVES SLEEP: Adding more activity to your daily routine may help improve the quality of your sleep, meaning you feel more rested in the morning. But be careful that you don’t exercise vigorously too close to bedtime, as this might keep you awake.

INCREASES ENERGY: You might sometimes feel like you’re too tired to get out and exercise, but even if getting started can be a struggle, keeping active can really help boost your energy!

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