Sugar Free Swaps

Sugar pouring out of can.

Swap sugary cereal for plain yoghurt and top with your favourite fruit or have wholegrain toast with scrambled eggs as a savoury breakfast alternative

Ditch fizzy drinks and flavour your water naturally with fruit and herbs. Our favourites include sliced lemon, cucumber and mint, and strawberry and lime. 

If you're planning on doing some sugar-free baking, use raw caocao in place of chocolate. Even dark 70% chocolate may contain sugar, as can cocoa powder. 

Swap chocolate bars and biscuits for a homemade sugar-free snack - we recommend chopped veg, dipped in hummus, or rice cakes topped with low-fat cheese or sugar-free spread 

Use dates in place of honey or golden syrup. A great away to add sweetness to a meal. 

For a tasty dessert, try blended frozen banana or frozen plain yoghurt, topped with berries or nuts, in place of ice cream 

Make your own salad dressings so you know exactly what's in them - shop bought dressing and condimensts can have surprising amounts of added sugar