How to save £100

Taking on The £100 Challenge? There's plenty of ways to reach your £100 target this May. Here's just a few to inspire your savings success.

Cut down on buying coffee out

Research shows that Britons on average spend £303 on coffee a year. If you're guilty of treating yourself to this too often, switch to a keep cup to save those pounds for life-saving research instead.


Bring in packed lunch

An average office worker spends £2.83 on buying lunch out. That's around £57 a month. Not only could you save money but you can also make healthier decisions, control your portion size and avoid those temptations by the till.

Cancel unused gym memberships

There are plenty of free ways to exercise instead of paying for a gym membership you don't use. Why not take up running, discover free exercise classes in your local area or try out an online yoga video or dance tutorial?

Shop smart

Pick yourself up a bargain at one of our charity shops. Not only will you save yourself money, you'll also be helping fund life-saving research.