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More than 500 people in the city of Cambridge are diagnosed with cancer each year and the earlier each patient receives a treatment that’s going to work for their cancer, the better their chance of beating it. For some cancers, each unsuccessful treatment can delay the process of finding the best treatment.

Cancer cells within the same tumour can have different gene mutations and characteristics, which may explain why treatment can sometimes work for some patients but not others. Professor Brindle and Dr Gallagher are the first in Europe to test a ground-breaking imaging technique that could enable doctors to see much earlier whether a treatment is working. Their revolutionary technique is being trialed in the first patients outside North America, in Addenbrooke’s hospital.

The rapid scan will allow doctors to map out molecular changes in cancers, opening up new ways to detect it. It could also mean that doctors can find out within a matter of days if a treatment is working for their patient instead of waiting to see if a tumour shrinks. 

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We are very excited to have this research going on in Cambridge. If it’s successful, this new imaging technique could change how we treat patients in the future. Improvements and developments in technology like this have the potential to give each cancer patient a better chance of surviving their disease. 

It’s this type of intelligent, innovative thinking that’s going to help us accelerate progress and beat cancer sooner. So please get behind the appeal and help support this local research via donating or fundraising NOW.