How to do a burpee

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Top tips

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You've signed up to do 2,000 burpees in July, now it's time to perfect your form!

What is a burpee?

A burpee is an exercise move that is basically a push-up followed by a jump squat, all done in one motion.

How to do a burpee

Here's some tips to perform the perfect burpee:

Make sure you have plenty of space around you before you start the exercise.

Start in a squat position with your knees bent, back straight and your feet shoulder width apart.

Lower your hands to the floor in front of you so they’re just inside your feet.

With your weight on your hands, kick your feet back so you’re on your hands and toes in a push-up or plank position.

Keeping your body straight from head to heels, do one push-up. Remember not to let your back drop or stick your bottom in the air.

Do a frog kick by jumping your feet back to their starting position.

Stand and reach your arms over your head.

Jump quickly into the air so you land back where you started.

You just did a burpee!

Safety tips

We want you to take on this challenge as safely as possible and avoid injury.

Start slowly and just do one or two reps at first. Once you get used to burpees and can do them easily with no pain, try adding more.

Try to work up to doing 5 to 10 reps in a row before pausing, then doing another set.

Because you need to drop to a push-up, burpees can put extra stress on your wrists and shoulders. Be careful not to go so fast that you twist your wrist when you land.

Make sure you're confident performing a burpee before you add anything extra like weights, extra push-ups or jumps.