Sponsor a PhD Researcher

Fund discoveries that will beat cancer sooner

With a gift of £25 a month, or a £300 single donation, you can support the next generation of scientists, driving cancer research.

Your support will help beat cancer sooner.

Sponsor a PhD Researcher

Cancer Research UK-funded PhDs attract some of the most promising Researchers in the world.

From the day-to-day running of experiments in the lab to igniting the spark of an idea, PhD Researchers are a vital part of our life-saving research.

You'll be driving the scienctific breakthroughs that will help beat cancer sooner by sponsoring a PhD Researcher. 

What you need to do


Select a PhD Researcher

You can choose which of our PhD Researchers you’d like to receive updates from, depending on your interests.


Make a donation

Donate a single gift of £300 or a regular monthly gift of £25 and fund a PhD researcher.

Your gift is 100% restricted to research. It will fund the Researchers’ lab equipment and materials.


Get updates

You’ll get a welcome letter from your selected PhD Researcher once you’ve signed up. 

They’ll write to you with their progress in the fight against cancer every 6 months.

As a thank you for your support, you’ll get a copy of your researcher’s own thesis once they’ve completed their PhD. 


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