What you get in return

What we offer members of the Catalyst Club in return for their support.

What you’ll be doing

As part of the Catalyst Club, you’ll collectively contribute £10 million to fund our most innovative and exciting cancer research projects.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to work closely with our team and the scientists

‘’This is your chance to become part of a select group of people who will be able to 
say "I did that, I made personalised medicine a reality"."

James Caan, Patron, the Catalyst Club

What you get in return

As part of the Catalyst Club you will:

  • Meet the clinicians, scientists and Cancer Research UK staff at the heart of this pioneering science.
  • Receive regular updates on the groundbreaking research you're making possible.
  • Be listed on the Catalyst Club roll of honour board and in Cancer Research UK's Annual Review.
  • Attend exclusive Catalyst Club events where you will be able to network with fellow members.
  • Receive a detailed impact report at the end of your three years' investment outlining the progress made for current and future generations.

Support the Catalyst Club

Contact Millie Perrett to support our groundbreaking campaign.

Email thecatalystclub@cancer.org.uk or call 020 3469 5438.

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