Dryathlon Fundraising Tools and Ideas

Fundraising ideas

At work

  • Office treats: Treat your colleagues to some home baking with a good old fashioned bake sale or tuck shop at your office
  • Pint on the desk: Laying off the booze will mean you’re fresher than ever at work. A pint glass on your desk is the perfect way for your colleagues to show their appreciation – see if you can get it full of spare change by the end of the month!

Down the pub

  • Be the designated driver: A great way to rack up some more donations is to be the designated driver for a night out with your mates. Get your chauffeur cap on, reel in the tips and enjoy the morning hangover-free. 
  • Dress up: Wear your pyjamas, a gorilla outfit or even a onesie to your local for a sure-fire way of getting people talking about Dryathlon. Then turn those drink offers into donations!

Fundraising events

  • Host a sober disco: We’ve all heard of silent discos. How about getting your mates together and holding a sober one? ​
  • Mocktail night: Organise a mocktail night and charge people a donation on entry. Anyone for an Abstinence on the Beach?


Flex your fundraising muscles with our tools and ideas guaranteed to help you smash your target. Download our fundraising tools to tell the world you’re taking on Dryathlon and watch the donations roll in.​

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Need a night off?

Got a big event in the month but still want to take part? Fear not. If you slip off the wagon just pay The Tipple Tax. Simply acknowledge your slight mishap and donate £20 to your online fundraising page.

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