Dryathlon - cutting down long term

the benefits of becoming a Dryathlete

Thinking about cutting down long term?

A month off alcohol won't make much difference to the risk of diseases like cancer - they're linked to your long term health and habits, so you need to make long term changes to make a difference. But that doesn't have to be difficult, and you don't need to make big changes all at once - smaller changes that fit into your life are usually easier to stick to. Our pages on alcohol and cancer have lots of easy swaps and tips to help you.

Make it easy, start with small changes

One way Dryathlon could help kick start a change is by getting you out of bad habits, like automatically reaching for a glass of wine when you get in from work without really thinking about whether you want one. So if your alcohol calculator result was a bit of a shock, or you're enjoying Tuesday nights (and Wednesday mornings) a bit more this month, think about sticking with some of your Dryathlon routines and not slipping back into old ways.

Find out more? 

We’ve answered some of the common questions about alcohol and cancer below, or visit our main site for further information.