Daniel's story

Daniel's Dryathlon Story

Daniel was just 23 and had just finished training to be an events manager in late 2012 when he found a lump in his neck.

He immediately went to his GP who was initially not too concerned but decided to monitor the lump for a couple of weeks. Daniel underwent a number of tests and scans and at one point it was suggested he may have had glandular fever.  However, an ultrasound and biopsy in August 2012 revealed that he was suffering from Hodgkin Lymphoma.

“Even though I knew in my own body that I had something serious I couldn’t quite take it in when they told me. I can’t remember anything else the doctors said, other than the word cancer. It was a surreal experience.”

After four courses of chemotherapy and two weeks of radiotherapy Daniel’s treatment was done and on 31st January that year he was told the fantastic news that he was in remission.

He decided straight away to give something back by taking part in Dryathlon 2013 as Cancer Research UK is a cause close to his heart after his own personal experience.

“It wasn’t me that got rid of my cancer, it was all the kind people out there that take the time out to donate and to the many, many researchers out there who are doing an amazing job.”

Daniel raised more than £960 and even hosted his own Dryathlon Party with donation tubs for anyone who wanted to drink alcohol. Daniel stuck to non alcoholic beer all night. He enjoyed the event so much he’s taking part in Dryathlon again.

“It was a lot easier to give up alcohol than I thought. It didn’t stop me going out with my friends. I just stuck to soft drinks and by the end of the month I certainly felt a lot better and healthier.”