The benefits of taking on Dryathlon

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Taking on the challenge of giving up booze for a month could have lots of potential perks. Just imagine what awesome things you could achieve in an ironwilled month without hangovers.

You'll not only be raising lots of money to bring forward the day all cancers are cured, there are all these other potential benefits too:

  • Feel more energetic and get more things done
  • Sleep better or even snore less
  • Cut the boozy calories and lose weight - find out how many you could save with our alcohol calculator
  • Eat more healthily and increase your activity to get the maximum benefit
  • Make small changes that fit into your everyday life so it's easier to stick with long term. A good place to start are the Ten Top Tips CRUK created with Weight Concern
  • A healthier, happier bank balance
  • A sense of achievement with your newfound hero status
  • A fresh outlook on your alcohol consumption
  • Time to do all those super cool things you keep putting off. Now's the time Dryathletes, from taking that yoga class to writing your first novel. Use your free Dryathlon calendar in your pack to plan your activities

And last but not least, every pound you raise will go towards our life saving research.

And the good news is, the benefits don’t have to stop when Dryathlon does – and if you drink less in the long term, it could make a real difference to your long term health. Find out more if you’re thinking about cutting down long term.