The benefits of taking on Dryathlon

Group of Dryathletes cheering.

Taking on a booze-free month could have lots of potential perks. Not only will you raise money to help beat cancer, there are all these other potential benefits too:

1) Time to try out new things

Now is the time to go to that yoga class you’ve always wanted to try or write your first novel. Who knows what you’ll discover with no hangovers to hold you back.

2) Discover a more productive you!

It’s amazing what you’ll achieve when you’re not in bed suffering a hangover. Maybe your boss will contribute a donation for their new, more focussed employee?

3) Get in your beauty sleep

The body requires energy to process alcohol, by avoiding it you’ll be able to get a better night's rest. It also dehydrates your skin so without it you’ll be glowing.

4) Feel more energetic

With a better night’s sleep, you’re bound to feel an improved level of energy. Put it to good use and hold a fundraiser to boost your fundraising total.

5) A healthier, happier bank balance

The average person in the UK consumes £64 worth of alcohol in a month. Think of all the amazing things you do with money including a donation to help fund life-saving cancer research.

6) Cut out the boozy calories and lose weight

Alcohol contains lots of sneaky calories you may not realise you’re consuming. Find out how many you could save using our alcohol calculator.

The good news is, the benefits don’t have to stop when Dryathlon does – and if you drink less in the long term, it could make a real difference to your long term health. Find out more

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