Alcohol Calculator

Lots of us drink more than we realise. Find out how much money and calories you'll save if you took on Dryathlon and gave up alcohol for the month.

Alcohol Calculator

Tell us how much you drink in a week by sliding the sliders below and we'll calculate how much you'll save by going dry for a month.

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What you’ll save in a full month by doing Dryathlon®:





£50 buys a scientific sieve to separate out big bits and small bits of DNA to reveal vital clues about how to beat cancer sooner.

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£100 covers the cost of giving one patient the Cytosponge test and analysing their results in the lab to diagnose early stages of Oesophageal cancer.

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£150 buys special chemicals to strain the intricate nuts and bolts of the cell, letting our researchers see under the bonnet of cancer cells to learn more about how they work.

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Give up alcohol this January to raise money for life-saving cancer research.

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Why not donate the money you would have spent on alcohol to help save lives instead?

The average person in the UK consumes £64 worth of alcohol in a month. This cost could instead cover the cost of a day's lung cancer trial to find out if radiotherapy will pack more of a punch to cancer cells and stop the disease coming back after surgery.

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