One month. No alcohol. This January.

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Go booze-free this January and raise money for Cancer Research UK.

We remain dedicated to beating cancer, and your support will make a huge difference to our life-saving work.

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Share your fundraising page with others to encourage donations. Every penny you raise will help beat cancer. 

Give up alcohol for one month

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Discover your new favourite alcohol-free drink and feel the benefits of one month without alcohol. 

No alcohol. This January. For Cancer Research UK. 

Take on the ultimate test of willpower going alcohol-free for one month this January to help bring forward the day all cancers are cured.

COVID-19 has slowed us down, but we will never stop. We're working hard to reach our goal of 3 in 4 people surviving their cancer by 2034 but every step we take towards beating cancer relies on every pound raised. 

By entering the challenge, you'll be helping fund this vital life-saving research, but you’ll also have an entirely hangover-free month!