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Preventing cancer saves lives. Campaign with us to make sure politicians tackle cancer.

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Why is it important to reduce obesity rates in the UK?

Obesity is a complex and often stigmatised health condition affecting 650 million of our worldwide population. Like all health conditions, the roots causes of obesity run deep and can include our genetics, environment, mental health and wider pressures in society.

Being overweight or obese is the second biggest cause of cancer after smoking in the UK resulting in around 22,800 cases of cancer in the UK every year.

Our mission is to reduce obesity in the UK and prevent as many cases of cancer as possible. We know there is no silver bullet to reduce obesity, and there are many things that need to change in the food environment so healthy habits are easier to maintain. These include limiting children’s exposure to junk food advertisements, tackling unhelpful price promotions and unclear food nutrition labelling to name just a few.

You can join our campaign to make sure Governments across all 4 nations help children have healthier food choices today and protect future generations from an increased risk of cancer.

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What's Cancer Research UK doing to help children have healthier food choices?

Cancer Research UK is working to make a difference at all levels of society. This includes:

  • Running public awareness campaigns to inform people of the link between obesity and cancer
  • Working to influence Government to introduce policies to reduce childhood obesity
  • Funding research to build the evidence base on obesity and cancer
  • Working in partnership with other organisations to tackle obesity
  • Engaging with the public about how they can reduce their risk of cancer
  • Sharing information on how to maintain healthier habits 

What's the evidence?

Find out more about the link between obesity and cancer as well as tips for keeping a healthy weight.

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