Make the tobacco industry pay - help us save Stop Smoking Services


Big Tobacco Cough Up - January-August 2016

Cuts to public health budgets mean vital Stop Smoking Services are under threat.

We’ve been campaigning for the Government to pass a law to make the tobacco industry pay to protect these services and fund advertising campaigns to help people quit. Ahead of Chancellor George Osborne’s Budget we collected over 16,000 petition signatures to make Big Tobacco Cough Up, 6,000 more than our original target!

We are disappointed that the Government didn’t listen to our call or offer an alternative solution to fill the gaps left by cuts in public health funding.

The Budget wasn’t all bad, the Government has committed to increasing tobacco taxes which is one of the best ways to encourage people to quit.

But with more people wanting to quit we need to make sure effective support is available. Stop Smoking Services are three times more effective than any unaided attempt to stop smoking.

Take Action

Help us protect these vital services by emailing your councillors now, and ask them to support our Don't Quit on Us campaign.




Smoking is a lethal addiction. It causes at least 14 types of cancer.

Two thirds of smokers in Great Britain want to quit – and Stop Smoking Services are the most effective way to help smokers lead a healthier life.

Last year more than 450,000 people used NHS Stop Smoking Services in England, with over 50% successfully quitting for four weeks, the first touch point to successfully quitting completely. These services are around three times more effective than an unaided quit attempt; however, cuts to public health funding mean these vital services are being forced to shut down.

Our solution: make the tobacco industry Cough Up

How can you help?

The Government can pass a law to force tobacco companies to pay for the damage they cause (a ‘tobacco levy’). This means the Government would charge them around 1p per cigarette they sell in the UK, to raise an extra £500m to invest into public health services and advertising campaigns that could help more of the two thirds of smokers who want to quit ditch the habit for good.

It’s time for Big Tobacco to Cough Up and pay for the damage they cause.

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