Nivea Sun

Cancer Research UK and Nivea Sun sun safety campaign

Cancer Research UK and NIVEA SUN’s partnership launched in July 2012, with the aim of raising millions for the charity’s vital skin cancer research.

Together we deliver an annual sun safety campaign to encourage families to protect themselves from sunburn, whether at home or abroad. We have created an acronym, CARE, that gives easy to remember advice to stay safe in strong sun.

C – Cover up

Wear a t-shirt, hat and sunglasses

A – Aim for the shade

Between 11am–3pm in the UK

R – Rub on sunscreen

Use plenty with at least SPF 15 and 4 star rating

E – Enjoy!

Have fun in the sun safely

Our partnership campaign includes a TV advert, sun safety message on 7 million NIVEA SUN products and at point of sale, and sun safety hints and tips across social media. Across all campaign assets we balance messages around effective sunscreen use with the importance of shade and clothing for sun protection.

Since 2012 NIVEA SUN has donated more than £3million to fund Cancer Research UK’s life-saving research into skin cancer, and together we have reached millions of people with our sun safety messages.

In 2017 our partnership was shortlisted for Best Marketing Partnership at the Business Charity Awards, and for Best Alignment of Brand Values through a Sponsorship Activity at the Corporate Engagement Awards.

We are thrilled to be working with NIVEA SUN and will continue to work together to help people stay safe in the sun.

We have plenty more advice on the sun, UV and cancer.

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