Slimming World

At Cancer Research UK, we’re proud to call Slimming World our partner. Since 2013, Slimming World’s Consultants, members and head office employees have raised more than £17m to support our life-saving work through their hugely successful fundraising campaigns.

The annual Big Slimming World Clothes Throw is their biggest fundraiser. It inspires Consultants and members across the UK to donate the clothes they’ve successfully slimmed out of to be sold in our 600 Cancer Research UK shops nationwide. The campaign has gone from strength to strength and in 2019, we received more than £3m worth of stock.

This community event invites Slimming World members to build up their activity levels together, as they pledge to walk a set number of steps each day for a whole month. The support and encouragement of their fellow group members, as well as the motivation of being sponsored by family and friends, means that many members use the event as a first step to a more active lifestyle.

Since our partnership began, every year a team of Slimming World members and Consultants has taken on the mighty London Marathon. Not only is taking part a huge achievement for members, their efforts have also raised over £80,000 towards our life-saving work.

A shared goal

Like us, Slimming World is committed to helping the public make healthier choices and reduce their risk of cancer. Slimming World's donations help fund research into cancers related to obesity because we share a goal to accelerate our understanding of the links between weight and cancer. By sharing information and expertise, together we're building on this understanding and reaching new audiences with important messaging.