Roadchef and Cancer Research UK - Together we are beating cancer one mile at a time. Join us on the road, again

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Dear team Roadchef, 

My name is Sophie, I am a Relationship manager for Cancer Research UK based in Wales and have been lucky to support the Roadchef partnership for 3 years. I feel privileged to support amazing partners like Roadchef and I am thrilled that you have hit your £5m milestone! Such a wonderful achievement, thank you.

I know first hand the impact that a cancer diagnosis can have. In 2017 I received a primary breast cancer diagnosis at the age of 31 years old. I had surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, all of these treatments CRUK have helped develop and as a result I was cancer-free for just over 5 years. 

Unfortunately for me, in March 2023 I was given the devastating news that my cancer has returned and given that the cancer has now spread, it was diagnosed as stage 4, incurable disease.

We've helped develop half the world’s essential cancer drugs and we’re working hard to make treatments kinder and more effective for everyone, so that more people get more moments with the people they love.

Although my options are more limited this time round, there are some treatments available for me to help control the disease and that is thanks to the amazing research being funded by CRUK. Without research, many people like me would not have these options so I am incredibly grateful for all that CRUK does to allow me to make more memories with my husband and two children. 

Your vote to remain with Cancer Research UK as Roadchef’s charity partner would help us fund more research, develop new and kinder treatments, make new discoveries and ensure that more people live longer better lives free from the fear of cancer.

Thank you.

Six-years strong

Throughout our six-year partnership, Roadchef has continuously championed our vision to create a world where everybody lives longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer.

Today, Roadchef’s motivation to fundraise, deliver our health awareness messaging and encourage engagement from staff and customers is as strong as ever. It has been wonderful to see Roadchef employees take part in multiple fundraising events from golf days to running the London Marathon to Roadchef’s Walkathon.  

Whether you have supported us as an individual or as part of your team, your support has helped save lives.

We are grateful for the free of charge access given to CRUK public facing fundraising teams which enables us to sign up committed givers which significantly boosts income to CRUK.

We’re delighted that in December 2023 Roadchef hit your magical milestone of £5m raised in support of our work. This is an incredible achievement and something you should all feel incredibly proud of.

Every step we take towards beating cancer is thanks to incredible supporters and partners like Roadchef. Without your continued support we would not be able to carry out the work we do to beat cancer together.  

Why vote for Cancer Research UK?

Right now, our researchers up and down the country are discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer.

Our research is already saving lives. 

  • Thanks to our research, we’ve avoided over a million cancer deaths since 1980.
  • We’ve helped double breast cancer survival in the UK. 
  • We’ve helped to prove the link between tobacco and cancer, preventing millions of deaths worldwide.
  • Our research led to the development of the HPV vaccine, which is expected to prevent almost 90% of cervical cancers in the UK 

But we need to do more. 

Our scientists are relentless, but cancer is complex. 

We need your help to raise vital funds to support our next life-saving discovery and give us all more moments with the people we love.

With you by our side, just think of how much more we could achieve. 

*Ahmad A.S. et al. British Journal of Cancer, 2015


We are beating cancer in your local community

With the support of people like you voting for us again, as your charity partner, we will continue to beat cancer in each of your regions as well as within the communities surrounding each of your sites. 

South East – our work near Rownhams 

Around 53,000 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the South East. Cancer Research UK spent over £25m on funding our pioneering work.

Basingstoke is in the middle of two of the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres that we co-fund in Oxford and Southampton, as well as a Clinical Trials Unit. The aim of these centres is to get new treatments to patients more quickly.

Right now in the South East, we’re researching how cells repair their DNA, testing new treatment options for people with bladder cancer and researching new ways to treat myeloma – the most aggressive form of skin cancer

South West – our work near Sedgemoor

Around 36,800 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the South West. Cancer Research UK spent over nearly £4m on funding our pioneering work.

The South West is home to a paediatric Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre (ECMC) in Bristol. Our ECMCs, which we co-fund with the National Institute for Health Research in England, bring together lab scientists and cancer doctors to speed up the flow of ideas and new treatments for cancer from the lab to the clinic. 

Right now in the South West, we’re working to improve treatment for blood cancers. At the University of Plymouth, Dr David Lewis is leading a clinical trial comparing 2 treatments to see which treatment keeps the lymphoma under control the longest. 

West Midlands - our work near Norton Canes

Around 33,800 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the West Midlands. In 2022/2023 Cancer Research UK spent nearly £9m on funding our pioneering work.

Right now in the West Midlands, we’re working to find new ways to target cancer. 

Dr Eva Petermann is investigating the mechanisms behind how cancer genes manipulate the replication process. By understanding the underlying biology, she hopes to identify new ways of targeting cancer, which could lead to the development of new treatments. 

North East – our research near your Newcastle Contact Centre 

Around 17,400 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the North East and in 2022/2023 Cancer Research UK spent over £4m on funding our pioneering work. 

Our Newcastle Centre delivers world-leading research to help more people affected by cancer. 

Newcastle is also home to our Drug Discovery Unit, turning today’s science into tomorrow’s medicine, as well as our co-funded Adult and Paediatric Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres.


Please vote for Cancer Research UK to continue being your charity partner. Thank you.