The AA and Cancer Research UK - on the road to beating cancer together.


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Over the last 50 years, we’ve helped double cancer survival in the UK.  

But 1 in 2 of us will still get cancer in our lifetime*. That’s 1 in 2 of our family. 1 in 2 of our friends. 1 in 2 of our colleagues. 

Cancer is relentless. 

But so are we.

We've helped develop half the world’s essential cancer drugs and we’re working hard to make treatments kinder and more effective for everyone, so that more people get more moments with the people they love.

But there’s still so much more to do. 

Cancer remains the number one cause of death in the UK. And it’s not just one disease - it’s more than 200. We’re the only charity taking on all of them.

With your help, we can create a world where everybody lives longer, better lives, free from the fear of cancer.

At the AA, you get to people fast, right when they need you. 

Vote for Cancer Research UK to be your charity partner and together we’ll go further and faster to beat cancer. 

Why vote for Cancer Research UK?

Right now, our researchers up and down the country are discovering new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. 

Our research is already saving lives. 

Thanks to our research, we’ve avoided over a million cancer deaths since 1980.

We’ve helped double breast cancer survival in the UK. 

We’ve helped to prove the link between tobacco and cancer, preventing millions of deaths worldwide.

Our research led to the development of the HPV vaccine, which is expected to prevent almost 90% of cervical cancers in the UK 

But we need to do more. 

Our scientists are relentless, but cancer is complex. 

We need your help to raise vital funds to support our next life-saving discovery and give us all more moments with the people we love.

With you by our side, just think of how much more we could achieve. 

*Ahmad A.S. et al. British Journal of Cancer, 2015

We are beating cancer in your local community

With the support of people like you voting for us as your charity partner, we are beating cancer in all the regions you operate as Roadside Patrols, as well as the communities surrounding your offices and Contact Centres. 

Greater London – our research near your London Head Office

Around 34,100 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in London.

London is an exciting hub of research and home to two of our world-leading cancer research centres.

Right now in London, our researchers are working to understand how lung cancer evolves so we can personalise treatment for patients, working to improve screening for cervical cancer and trialling aspirin as a low-cost cancer treatment.

This could improve survival for people who’ve have had cancer before, by giving them the best chance of it not returning in the future.


South East  – our research near your Basingstoke Head Office and Tunbridge Wells Contact Centres

Around 52,100 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the South East.

Basingstoke is in the middle of two of the Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres that we co-fund in Oxford and Southampton, as well as a Clinical Trials Unit. The aim of these centres is to get new treatments to patients more quickly.

Right now in the South East, we’re researching how cells repair their DNA, testing new treatment options for people with bladder cancer and researching new ways to treat myeloma – the most aggressive form of skin cancer.


North East – our research near your Newcastle Contact Centre 

Around 1,600 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in Newcastle.

Our Newcastle Centre delivers world-leading research to help more people affected by cancer. 

Newcastle is also home to our Drug Discovery Unit, turning today’s science into tomorrow’s medicine, as well as our co-funded Adult and Paediatric Experimental Cancer Medicine Centres.


West Midlands - our research near your Oldbury Contact Centre 

Around 32,100 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the West Midlands.

Birmingham is home to one of our seven Clinical Trials Units, as well as both Adult and Paediatric Experimental Cancer Medicine Units that we co-fund. Here, we bring together lab scientists and cancer doctors to get new treatments into clinics faster. 

Right now, we’re investigating how bacteria could be used in cancer treatments. We’re also finding new ways to target cancer and studying a faulty gene to find out more about its role in the disease.


North West - our research near your Cheadle Contact Centre 

Around 42,300 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in the North West.

Our work at our Manchester Institute spans all types of cancer research, from investigating the molecular biological basis of cancer to developing new treatments. 

In 2017, the Paterson building, which housed part of our Manchester Institute, suffered a devastating fire. But that hasn’t stopped us. Out of the ashes we've built a new, ambitious, world-class cancer research facility, which opened its doors in 2023. 


South and Mid Wales - our research near your Cardiff Contact Centre 

Around 15,100 people are diagnosed with cancer each year in South and Mid Wales.

Our Cardiff Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre, which we jointly support with the health department in Wales, brings together lab scientists and cancer doctors to speed up the flow of ideas and new treatments from the lab bench to the bedside. 

Cardiff is also home to the Centre for Trials Research Cancer Unit, which delivers innovative and practice-changing research to transform care and outcomes for cancer patients in the UK and across the world. 

Please vote for Cancer Research UK to be your charity partner. Thank you.