Research features

Our Research Features explore in more depth how we are implementing our Research Strategy, and the opportunities available to you as a researcher.

Improving how we evaluate research: how we’re implementing DORA

We've been improving how we assess research applications in response to the Declaration on Research Assessment (DORA).

Building new models to study glioblastoma: Professor Steven Pollard

Steve tells us how his interest in stem cells led him into cancer research, and the potential for breakthroughs in brain tumour research and treatment.

Finding the genes that drive childhood brain tumours: Professor Chris Jones

Chris talked to us about his motivation for focusing on brain tumour research, and his team's work deciphering the genetics of the disease.

Building a career in brain tumour research: Dr Noor Gammoh

Noor Gammoh, a CRUK Career Development Fellow, talks about the support she's received from her fellowship, Edinburgh University and the CRUK research community.

Celebrating a lifetime in cancer prevention, translating evolutionary biology, and our leaders of tomorrow: the 2017 CRUK Research Prizes

Our 2017 Research Prizes celebrate the achievements of rising stars in cancer research, and researchers who have shown outstanding dedication to beating cancer.