Research features

Our Research Features explore in more depth how we are implementing our Research Strategy, and the opportunities available to you as a researcher.

Tailoring breast cancer screening to individual patient risk

Fiona Gilbert, at the University of Cambridge aims to assess the most effective approaches for breast screening for women with dense breasts.

New help for early career researchers to manage and share data

We’re introducing training workshops for early-career researchers to help you manage and share your research data.

Promoting an academic culture of entrepreneurship at our first Innovation Summit

Our Innovation Summit and Innovation Prizes are creating new opportunities to develop the translational and commercial potential of your breakthrough science.

Enabling promising postdocs to become the global research leaders of tomorrow

Funded in partnership with AACR, our new Transatlantic Fellowships provide high-potential early career researchers with a unique opportunity to accelerate their

Making clinical trials data sharing easier

We’re supporting to make it easier for you to share your clinical trial data. Hear from researchers who are already using it.