Research features

Our Research Features explore in more depth how we are implementing our Research Strategy, and the opportunities available to you as a researcher.

A transatlantic collaboration to develop blood tests that pinpoint cancer location

Chunxiao Song and Thuy Ngo are using CRUK-OHSU Project Award funding to develop liquid biopsies for early detection of pancreatic and oesophageal cancer.

Promoting a culture of dignity at work in research

Our new policy spells out our expectations and requirements of the researchers and organisations involved in our research to prevent bullying and harassment.

Accelerating progress in radiation research: developing a national network in radiobiology and radiation oncology – Cancer Research UK RadNet

Following an independent strategic review, we're strengthening our funding for radiation research, including by inviting applications for Centres of Excellence.

PRIME time: how team science is bringing liquid biopsies into the clinic for prostate cancer

An international team of computational and translational researchers is developing novel tools to analyse liquid biopsies for prostate cancer.

Detecting blood cancers earlier than ever before

A team of researchers led by Professor Jesus San Miguel aims to improve early detection and intervention of haematological malignancies.