Pioneering Research 2016/17: our annual research publication

Celebrating the achievements of our research community

Pioneering Research celebrates some of the many achievements for CRUK and for researchers in our community over the last year, and the work we are doing right now as we implement our research strategy.

The publication features stories highlighting examples of your incredible work and outlines a few areas of current interest to us and the wider community, from the ambitious teams funded by our flagship Grand Challenge Awards to the emerging evidence of links between cancer and the microbiome.

How we funded research in 2016/17

Facts and figures about our research funding

Last year we spent £386 million on your research, funding 4,000 researchers plus infrastructure and partnerships across the full breadth of basic, translational, clinical and population research.

You can explore these numbers in-depth to discover what, where and how we fund research.

Funding facts and figures

Download the PDF of the print publication

Pioneering Research 2016/17

Our print publication contains all of the above stories and more. Hear from Dr Iain Foulkes, Executive Director of Research & Innovation at CRUK, about our current priorities, and get the view ahead from Professor Peter Johnson, our Chief Clinician, and Professor Karen Vousden, Chief Scientist.

Download this year's edition (PDF, 3.7MB)