Work with the Functional Genomics Centre

We work with academic and clinical researchers to provide expert support and access to technology for your projects.

Our application process is simple and fast, and we can also offer guidance with study design and preparation.

While AstraZeneca bring resource and expertise to the Centre, data generated through projects from each partner are kept separate and your project will remain unencumbered should you choose to work with us.

How to apply



Get in touch with us for an informal, confidential discussion about your proposed project.



Submit a project proposal form for review and prioritisation by the CRUK Triage Panel.



Our CRUK-AZ Joint Management Committee will review the application.


If your application is successful, your project will be run through the CRUK-AZ Functional Genomics Centre.

Membership to be announced.


  • Steve Fawell, VP Head Oncology Discovery
  • Ultan McDermott, Chief Scientist, Oncology
  • Davide Gianni, Associate Director, Functional Genomics
  • David Andrews, Director of Pre-clinical Scientific Alliances, Oncology

Cancer Research UK

  • Greg Hannon, Director of Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute
  • Julian Downward, Associate Research Director of the Francis Crick Institute
  • Mathew Garnett, Group Leader at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute
  • Fabrice Turlais, External Sciences Lead at the CRUK Therapeutic Discovery Laboratories

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