Functional Genomics Centre

The CRUK-AstraZeneca Functional Genomics Centre offers access to cutting-edge CRISPR technology to facilitate the creation of new cancer medicines and the improved use of existing cancer medicines.

The new facility will collaborate with CRUK-funded researchers to enable ambitious breakthrough science and translation to patient benefit. Alongside the support and expertise it can provide to your projects, the centre will deepen our understanding of the drivers behind cancer, reveal how resistance to treatments might arise and be avoided, and identify novel therapeutic approaches to traditionally hard-to-treat cancers.

Work with us

If you think your research could benefit from access to novel, state-of-the art CRIPSR technology we’d love to work with you to progress your research. Our expert team can help you plan your project to give you the best opportunity for success.

While we work with AstraZeneca to share resource and expertise within the Centre, projects run by CRUK and arising data associated to these projects are independent and will remain unencumbered when entering the Centre.

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