Early Diagnosis Advisory Group Project Grants

About this scheme

Key information

Career level
Post doc
Early career researcher
Established independent researcher
Non-clinical researcher
Research area
Early diagnosis
Behavioural research
Policy research
Statistics and methodology
Funding period
up to 18 months
Funding amount
maximum £100k/year
EDAG funds policy relevant research or activities that are adding to the scientific evidence base to achieve earlier diagnosis and enable access to treatment.

Applications are accepted from UK-based researchers in universities, medical schools, hospitals, research institutions, as well as advocacy organisations, where there are appropriate academic links. Collaborations, including international ones, are encouraged.

​​EDAG provides project grants to support short term policy-relevant research that will significantly add to the evidence base and have potential to impact earlier cancer diagnosis. We welcome proposals that:

  • Set agendas, e.g. highlighting the importance of primary care in early diagnosis
  • Use innovative, multidisciplinary and rapid approaches using pre-existing data sources where necessary
  • Explore issues or inform policy and strategy, e.g. investigating the potential impact of broadening the scope of the Faster Diagnosis Standard (FDS)
  • Generate evidence supporting implementation of new policy or interventions
  • Monitor the impact of policy change, e.g. assessing the impact of the NICE guideline (NG12) update

The 2020 funding call is now open. See further details of the 2020 funding call.

Other applications related to early diagnosis may be within the remit of the Early Detection Research Committee.

How to apply to this scheme

The 2020 funding call is now open. See further details of the 2020 funding call.

Application process

If you would like to submit an application to this call, please contact edag@cancer.org.uk for an expression of interest form. Only expressions of interest submitted in the EDAG form will be considered.

If your expression of interest form (3 pages max) is accepted by the committee after the triage process, you will then be instructed to open an application on our online grants management system eGMS.

Before submitting a full application, please read the EDAG application guidelines.





   Expression of Interest

      30th March 2020– 11am     

   Full Application

   1 August 2020   

   Notification of Funding Decision

   December 2020 

   Expected Project Start Date          

   January - March 2021


What makes a successful application

The EDAG Committee will judge your proposal on:

  • A strong policy need for the work and strong application to fulfil this need
  • Clear pathway between project outputs and policy impact, including strength of dissemination
  • Proximity to effecting clinical outcomes, and specifically effecting a shift in stage at diagnosis
  • Timeliness of project and results
  • Its strategic importance

Cancer Research UK contact details

You must contact a member of the funding team before starting your application.

Lauren Back

Research Portfolio Manager

+44 (0)203 469 6523


 Rebecca Wise

Research Portfolio Manager

+44 (0)20 3469 8164


Active Targeted Research Briefs

Qualitative Analysis Exploring Patient Experience of Risk Factors, Symptoms and Help-Seeking in Lung Cancer In Never Smokers. Research brief.

Qualitative Analysis of The Lung Health Check Information Materials Effect on 55-75-Year-Old People who Smoke. Research brief.

PPI Toolkit

Our Patient and Public Involvement Toolkit for researchers is your resource for planning and carrying out involvement activities.

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