Pioneering Research 2014/15

Welcome to Pioneering Research 2014/15 – our annual research publication.

In 2014 we set an ambitious agenda with our Research Strategy, aiming to transform the outlook for cancer patients. Since then, we've increased our research funding, launched five new schemes to support multidisciplinary research and priority fields, and strengthened our network.

But crucial to achieving our ambitions are the 4,000 researchers we fund. Last year we spent £341 million on your research, and we're proud that this includes such a breadth of excellence – covering basic, translational and clinical to population research.

In Pioneering Research we feature some of the inspiring stories from the researchers who have been accelerating progress on our strategic priorities in the past year.

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Facts and figures

Last year we spent £341 million on research. Take a look at our interactive infographic, showing what we spent the money on and where.

We’re also committed to making all of our research benefit patients sooner. That’s why we track the outputs of our research with Researchfish. Take a look at our Researchfish infographic to see the impact that our research is having.   

A cancer of substantial unmet need

Focus on our initiatives aimed at transforming the outlook for lung cancer patients – featuring Caroline Dive, Gary Middleton and Charlie Swanton.

Raring to go with RNAi research

Catch up with one of our recent recruits to the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute – an interview with Greg Hannon.

Beating cancer from within

Investigate our activities in immunology and immunotherapy – featuring Christian Ottensmeier, Sergio Quezada and Henning Walczak.

The power of research

Watch this short film about Cancer Research UK – celebrating our inspiring research community. Learn about the breadth and diversity of research that we fund, and the exciting initiatives that will help us to tackle cancer.

Featuring eminent researchers who we support: Professor Sir Bruce Ponder, Professor Kairbaan Hodivala-Dilke, Professor Richard Marais, Professor Gerard Evan, Professor Paul Workman, Professor Linda Bauld and Professor Charlie Swanton.

The Power of Research


A fond farewell, a bright future

Look back on the life of the London Research Institute as a new era opens at the Crick– a personal reflection from Richard Treisman.

Leading CRUK’s Cancer Prevention Initiative

Catch up with Linda Bauld, our Cancer Prevention Champion, on her CRUK role, and what progress we’re making in this field.

Olaparib: the potential of synthetic lethality

Take a look at the development of the first PARP inhibitor to be licensed for clinical use – featuring Alan Ashworth, Steve Jackson and Jonathan Ledermann.

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