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Rising to the challenge

Greg Hannon, IMAXT

Our mission is to solve cancer's toughest challenges. These are challenges right at the edge of doable. They demand bold, novel approaches and an international effort.

Answering these challenges has the potential to completely transform our understanding of cancer and the lives of patients across the globe. 

You can be part of making this a reality. Join our global community of supporters and play a vital role in the fight against cancer. 

Team science on a global scale

CGC team science

Since 2015, we’ve invested over £130 million into the most talented researchers from across the globe. We’ve funded 7 teams featuring 73 research groups and spanning 9 countries.  

Teams are already making progress at an impressive rate. In a first-of-its-kind study, the Mutographs team has shown that healthy lung cells could start to repair the lining of the airways in ex-smokers and help protect them against lung cancer. 

Meanwhile, researchers from the OPTIMISTICC team have discovered that a common strain of intestinal Escherichia coli (E. Coli.) could contribute to the development of colorectal cancer. 

Faster progress with your support

CGC partner with us

There are still large territories in cancer research that require fresh thinking to drive progress. With your support we can inspire even more collaboration and synergy within the global research community. 

Michele Cleary, Chief Executive of The Mark Foundation for Cancer Research, describes why her organisation chose to partner with Cancer Grand Challenges: 

The ambition of Cancer Grand Challenges, its scale of funding and impressive advisory panel – unrivalled in its expertise – offered our young foundation an opportunity that perfectly aligns with our goal to fund complex and ambitious science. 

Pushing boundaries

Challenge-setting workshop

Cancer Grand Challenges is breaking the mould in cancer research.

Together we are:

  • Convening world-leading experts to identify the unaswerable questions in cancer research
  • Providing freedom through large-scale 5-year awards - much longer than other initiatives
  • Helping visionary scientists build their dream team to create new knowledge that is only possible at the intersection of different disciplines

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