Identifying preventable causes of cancer


​ A team of 8 investigators

France, UK and USA

 Geneticists, chemists, bioinformaticians, epidemiologists

20 million

 5 years

 Discover how unusual patterns of mutation are induced by different cancer causing events

Year 1 project update

The Mutographs team have hit the ground running and already made impressive progress in the first year. The researchers have overcome significant logistical, ethical and legal challenges to the different aspects of their international programme – from identifying the ideal patient cohorts to study to establishing a ‘data train’ to regularly share the vast quantities of data being produced across the consortium.

So far, the team has sequenced the DNA of more than 1,500 patient samples, with more expected from Iran and Brazil. From this, they are defining in detail the mutational signatures in oesophageal cancers in the first instance. They are also finding intriguing results in a number of non-cancer tissues which are beginning to tell us about how cancers develop.

The Mutographs team will continue to build on this extraordinary progress and grow their impressive network of collaborators around the world as they delve deep into the biology of DNA damage.

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