About our clinical trials database

This page shows the major sources of information we use to put together this section of our website.                                        

About our information

All our information is written by the Patient Information Web Team and checked by external cancer specialists or people responsible for running trials.

The name of our specialist reviewer is at the end of this list.

We try to find patients to review all our sections. If you have taken part in a clinical trial, live in the UK and would like to become a patient reviewer, please contact us.

Summaries on our clinical trials database

We base our summaries of clinical trials and other studies on detailed research plans called protocols and patient information leaflets provided by the team running the trial or study.

Summaries of results on our database are produced from

  • End of study reports
  • Information presented at conferences (abstracts)
  • Papers published in medical journals

Details of how we find out about trials, and how we write and update the summaries are included in our trials database editorial policy.

You can see the major sources of the other information in this section below.


Evaluation, Trials and studies (National Institute for Health Research) 

Clinical Trials Toolkit (National Institute for Health Research)

Medical Research Council

Health Research Authority

American Cancer Society

European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC)

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency


Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI)

UK guidelines

Approval for research involving ionising radiation
National Patient Safety Agency 2008.

Journal articles

Phase 0 clinical trials in oncology: a paradigm shift for early drug development? Takimoto CH. Cancer Chemotherapy Pharmacology. 2008. Vol 63: 703-709

FDA Introduces New Phase 0 for Clinical Trials: Some Enthusiastic, Some Skeptical. Fromer MJ. Oncology Times. 2006. Vol 28: 18-19

British Doctors Study. Doll R, Hill, AB. British Medical Journal. 1956. 2 (5001): 1071-1081.

Specialist reviewer

Dr Simon Grummett, Consultant Oncologist

Trial teams

All our trial summaries are reviewed externally before being published on the website. This could be by a trial coordinator, data manager, chief investigator or research nurse for example, or by a pharmaceutical company representative if appropriate.

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