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Star's details

The Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People Star Awards are designed to honour children all over the UK who have been diagnosed with cancer.

All nominees must be aged under 18 at the date of nomination, live in the UK and have been treated for cancer within the last five years at the date of nomination. Unfortunately, children who have previously received a Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People Star Award (or the Kids & Teens/Little Star Award as it was previously known) are not eligible to receive the award again. Only those with parental responsibility can place a nomination. By sending in your nomination, you agree to the Awards eligibility and data information for the Star Awards.

We will only use the information provided in this form to administer the Cancer Research UK for Children & Young People Star Awards: we won't use the information for any other purpose without your consent, or share it with any other organisations. For more information see our Privacy Policy.

Information on ethnicity helps us to show that cancer affects people of all backgrounds