Help with your keyboard and mouse

Most people think that they can't use a computer because they can't use a mouse. But you can operate a computer using the keyboard alone. In fact, it can be easier and quicker to do this, rather than using the mouse.

Or, if you would still prefer to use a mouse but find it a bit difficult to do so, there are some simple changes you can make to your set-up to make it easier.

Using a keyboard instead of a mouse

Getting around a page using a keyboard

It's easy to use some of the keys on your keyboard to use web pages and fill in forms without a mouse.

Using keyboard shortcuts

Most computer operating systems have shortcuts that can allow you to use your keyboard instead of a mouse – on computer programmes as well as on this website. Take a look at the list of common keyboard shortcuts.

Making your mouse easier to use

There are two things that you can do that solve most of the problems people have with using a mouse on a computer.

Changing the speed of the mouse

Many people find it difficult to use a mouse because the pointer travels too quickly across the screen. But you can easily reduce the speed of your mouse, which makes it much easier to use the mouse.

Slowing down the double-click speed of your mouse

Many actions on a computer require that you click the mouse button twice in quick succession to work. This is called a "double-click".

Many people find it difficult to double-click quickly, but you can slow down the double-click speed.