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Cancer Research UK supports GPs to deliver best practice. We have created a central resources hub for Health Professionals which hosts all of our CRUK resources and further materials to help with managing the pandemic. We are updating the information as guidance changes. There is also a page specifically for patients on our about cancer hub.

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Cancer Research UK is the largest independent funder of cancer research in the world. Find out more about how we're beating cancer sooner on a global scale. 

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We fund research that will persuade policy makers of the health and economic benefits that will result from tax measures and other policies that reduce tobacco consumption.  

Here are some examples of research that we are currently funding and what we hope to achieve.


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Image courtesy of the Work for a Better Bangladesh Trust

Take a look at the results of our research programme in Bangladesh - a collaboration between the Bangladesh Cancer Society, Cancer Research UK and the American Cancer Society. Tobacco use costs the Bangladesh economy a staggering 305.6 billion BDT or £2.7 billion a year, and this will continue to rise without preventative policy measures in place. We’re hoping that this research will be used as evidence to support much needed tax reform, which would in turn bring down smoking rates in Bangladesh, and save lives.

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