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We support a balanced approach towards e-cigarettes, which maximises their potential to help people quit smoking, whilst minimising the risks of unintended consequences that could promote smoking.

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We support ‘light touch’ regulation of e-cigarettes, to ensure product safety and consistent dose, restrict marketing that risks re-normalising smoking, and stop them being sold to children. At present, we do not believe there is enough evidence to justify an indoor ban on e-cigarettes.

It is important that adequate protections exist to stop the promotion of e-cigarettes to young people and non-smokers. We must also ensure that the tobacco industry’s investment in e-cigarettes does not provide them with an opportunity to influence health policy.

There are a range of unanswered questions about the likely impact of these products on individuals and effective tobacco control policies, which is why we have established the UK E-cigarette Research Forum with Public Health England (PHE) and the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies (UKCTAS), and why we are increasing our investment in e-cigarette research.

Support those who want to stop smoking

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Your local service that helps people quit smoking could be at risk as a result of cuts to public health funding. 

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