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How tiny metal beads could make chemotherapy more effective for brain tumours

Our researchers are working on a new way to improve chemotherapy treatment for aggressive brain tumours, using the precious metal palladium.

Engineered cell therapy given initial ‘no’ for NHS in England

A cancer immunotherapy has been provisionally rejected as a treatment for some types of aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma on the NHS in England.

‘No-deal’ Brexit: what the Government’s plans could mean for cancer treatment, care and research

The Government have published the first in a series of plans in the event of a 'no-deal' Brexit. But how will this affect cancer patients and research?

Sir Harpal Kumar: A spotlight on 15 years of progress against cancer

As part of our Annual Review 2017/18, our outgoing CEO, Sir Harpal Kumar, shares how our knowledge of cancer has changed in the last 15 years.

The realities of cancer - Mental health issues and changes to energy levels top concerns among cancer patients

Cancer Research UK reveals the changes cancer patients experience and launches product range to support friends and family going through cancer treatment.

News digest – radiologist shortage, ‘no deal’ Brexit plans, e-cigarettes and alcohol

In the news this week: the health risks caused by drinking alcohol and scientists discover a promising drug target for some lung cancers.

Improving brain tumour diagnosis to make treatment personal

Our scientists are working to improve brain tumour diagnosis. Find out how this could make treatment more personal, and guide people onto clinical trials.

Scientists discover first step towards finding a new, targeted lung cancer treatment

Scientists have identified a key molecular player in a subtype of lung cancer, which could lead to a new way to tackle the disease.

News digest – vaping, kidney cancer blood test, leafy greens and elephant zombie gene?

In this week’s news: leafy greens protect mice from developing cancer and an experimental molecule that could make aggressive brain tumour cells self-destruct.

Relax e-cigarette regulations to help smokers quit, say MPs

The House of Commons Science and Technology Committee highlighted the potential of e-cigarettes as a stop-smoking aid in their new report.