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COVID-19: “It could take months to build research up again”

Professor Richard Gilbertson talks about the impact of COVID-19 on research at the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre.

Scotland's lifeline cancer trials must be restarted urgently

Cancer Research UK’s calls backed by eminent Edinburgh scientist who says the COVID-19 halt to clinical trials has taken away hope for some patients.

News digest – targeted drug approval, microbubble ‘warheads’ and prostate cancer treatment

Researchers are using ultrasound to destroy cancer cells by detonating microbubbles like "targeted warheads."

Prostate cancer hormone therapy not recommended for NHS in England

A hormone therapy has been rejected for some adults with newly-diagnosed, advanced prostate cancer.

Coronavirus reports: “As a Black man with advanced prostate cancer, who wouldn’t be worried?”

Earlier this month, Public Health England published a long-awaited report confirming that COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting Black, Asian and minority ethnic...

Targeted drug improves survival for children with non-Hodgkin lymphoma

New clinical trial results show that adding rituximab to standard chemotherapy could improve survival for some children with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Opinion: ‘UK cancer research could be set back years by COVID-19. We must act now’

Because of COVID-19 and the devastating impact it’s had on our income, we could be forced to cut £150 million per year from our research funding. 

£150 million per year could be cut from cancer research, warns charity

Cancer Research UK could be forced to cut £150 million per year from its research funding as the COVID-19 pandemic decimates its income.

A tribute to Professor Anne Charlton

Professor Anne Charlton was a much-loved colleague who blazed a research trail in cancer education and smoking prevention in schools.

Getting cancer services back on track during the coronavirus pandemic

Cancer services are beginning to get up and running across the country, but we’re still a long way from either restoring capacity or addressing the backlog of people...