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News digest – smoking and melanoma, global cervical cancer rates, flexible drug pricing and great white sharks

In this week’s news: smoking may limit the body’s ability to flexible drug pricing could speed up NHS access.

Linking cancer drug prices to treatment success could speed up approvals. But what do patients consider success?

With NHS budgets stretched, it’s critical that cancer drugs offer value for money. We’ve teamed up with the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership to...

Drug Prices Based On Success Could Speed Up Cancer Patients' Treatment

Paying for cancer drugs based on how well they work in practice could help patients get new treatments faster, according to a Cancer Research UK report.

Drug combination boosts kidney cancer survival in trials

Combining a targeted cancer drug with an immunotherapy extends the lives of advanced kidney cancer patients, according to two clinical trials.

A tribute to Peter Rainey 

We pay tribute to Peter Rainey - a passionate and dedicated patient advocate who helped put people affected by cancer at the heart of our research programme.

Smoking may limit body’s ability to fight dangerous form of skin cancer

Melanoma patients with a history of smoking cigarettes are 40 per cent less likely to survive their skin cancer than people who have never smoked

News digest – HPV stigma, ultra-processed foods, ‘simple’ cancer blood test and why measles isn’t a cancer cure

In this week’s news: survey reveals misconceptions around HPV and a prominent American figure wrongly suggests measles cures cancer.

Stitching together a ‘Google Earth’ for cancer

Our Grand Challenge scientists at the National Physical Laboratory are using their expertise in measurement to draw a new map of cancer. The team hopes it will point to...

Baby boomers are the ultimate promise-keepers

91% of baby boomers state they haven’t broken a single promise in the past six months according to a poll* by Cancer Research UK’s new legacies campaign

Cancer Research UK’s Tiffany Hall wins CIO of the year at Women in IT awards

Cancer Research UK’s chief information officer Tiffany Hall has been awarded CIO of the Year at the recent Women in IT Awards 2019.