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Cancer Research UK plans to rebuild and adapt to changed world following £300m drop in income

Cancer Research UK is making difficult decisions to significantly reduce how much it spends on beating cancer, its operations and the number of staff.

COVID-19: “We’re having to rebuild and adapt because of coronavirus”

We’re having to scale down our work to reflect our new situation, but our ambition remains the same, writes our chief executive, Michelle Mitchell.

Pursuing precision medicine in a flagship lung cancer trial

The National Lung Matrix Trial - a £25 million collaboration with pharmaceutical companies and the NHS - has been exploring how patients with non small cell lung cancer...

News digest – light-activated nanoparticles, Government’s obesity plans, tumour ‘glue’ and AI research fund

Researchers are developing light-activated nanoparticles that can ‘rob’ cancer cells of vital survival proteins.

New treatment for rare blood cancer approved for NHS use in England

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) has approved the drug brentuximab vedotin on the NHS in England.

Urgent cancer referrals being turned down during coronavirus pandemic 

Around a quarter of GPs have said that urgent referrals for suspected cancer had been turned down by hospitals more often than before the pandemic.

COVID-19: “The really hard part is we know what needs to be done”

We caught up with a number of researchers about how COVID-19 has impacted their work, and what the next few months looks like for them.

Coronavirus and cancer – July updates

We’re monitoring the latest government and NHS health updates from across the UK.

News digest – naked mole-rats, junk food deals, ovarian cancer drug and glowing surgery dye

Our scientists have uncovered more about the naked mole-rat's resistance to cancer.

Secrets of naked mole-rat cancer resistance unearthed

Naked mole-rats' exceptional resistance to cancer is thanks to unique conditions in their bodies that stop cancer cells multiplying, according to new research.