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NICE guidance aims to protect unborn babies from tobacco harm

Midwives should encourage pregnant women to have their carbon monoxide levels tested to determine whether they smoke or are exposed to secondhand smoke

Experimental neuroblastoma drug shows promise in the lab

Laboratory studies in the US have confirmed the promise of an experimental drug against a particularly aggressive form of neuroblastoma, the most common non-blood cancer...

Scientists develop drugs to block skin cancer protein

Scientists have developed a potent group of potential drug candidates to treat skin cancer, according to a study in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry today (Thursday)....

Protein ‘block’ kills childhood cancer cells

An experimental drug that blocks an essential cell protein could be used to treat Wilms' tumour, a childhood cancer that affects the kidneys.

One in 25 deaths attributable to alcohol

One in 25 deaths worldwide and as many as one tenth in Europe can be attributed to alcohol consumption, scientists have said.

Tumour gene erects 'road blocks' against gene therapy traffic

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have discovered that an overactive cancer gene can block the delivery of gene therapy to its target - the nucleus. Reducing this gene's...

Blocking key proteins could improve response to common chemotherapy drug

SCIENTISTS have discovered how blocking key cell signalling proteins could help boost the success rate of the tumour-shrinking drug paclitaxel, according to a study...

Cancer Research UK cautious over breast cancer genetic predictor

Belgian and Dutch researchers have claimed that they have improved a method of predicting how a patient?s breast cancer might develop, by examining which genes are turned...

Advanced radiotherapy shows early promise for rare lymphoma

A small US study has found that an advanced radiotherapy technique already used in some cancers is also effective for treating a rare cancer called extranodal lymphoma of...

Advanced skin cancer drug 'not cost-effective' for NHS

A new skin cancer drug is not suitable for use on the NHS as its benefits are outweighed by its cost and possible side-effects, according to draft guidance by the National...