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Black women get breast cancer two decades earlier than white women

Black British women in Hackney, East London, are diagnosed with breast cancer 21 years younger than white British women, according to a Cancer Research UK study published...

Government plans speedier access to diagnostic tests

Prime minister Gordon Brown will make a pledge at the Labour Party conference this week that patients suspected of having cancer will be tested within one week of seeing...

New insight into how alcohol is linked to breast and liver cancers

A US laboratory study has revealed how the breakdown of alcohol in human cells results in DNA damage that causes cell changes linked to cancer.

Cigarette display ban comes into force

Displays of tobacco in shops are being removed from sight across England as part of new legislation.

Stopping smoking suddenly can be key to success

Smokers who kick the habit on the spur of the moment are more likely to be successful than those who plan to stop smoking in advance - according to a new report published...

Cancer Research UK unites with global research groups to develop treatments for patients with rare cancers

Cancer Research UK will today (Friday) join forces with international research groups from the UK, Europe and the US to launch an initiative to boost the development of...

Research suggests condoms effective against cervical cancer virus

Using condoms during sex may be an effective protection against the sexually-transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV), some strains of which can cause cervical cancer, a...