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Cell regulator recruited to fight cancer

One of the body's key mechanisms for regulating the lives and deaths of individual cells could be exploited to develop new cancer treatments, US researchers have found....

New trial will investigate cancer-fighting properties of chemical related to cannabis

Chemicals similar to those found in cannabis form the basis of a new drug that is being trialled in UK cancer patients for the first time by researchers at the Cancer...

Scientists uncover how a 'master regulator' protein contributes to cancer spread

New detail about how a protein called mTOR controls the spread of cancer has been uncovered by US scientists.

Cancer patients should get fertility treatment, say medics

The NHS should provide full funding for cancer patients to undergo fertility treatment, a new working party report from the Royal Colleges of Physicians, Radiologists, and...

Charity predicts 20,000 fewer deaths from bowel cancer

Cancer Research UK today predicts a huge drop in deaths from bowel cancer if people use the self testing kit that is being sent to men and women in their sixties...

Global survey reveals mistaken beliefs about cancer

A new survey has highlighted a number of mistaken beliefs about the causes of cancer which must be addressed so that people know how to reduce their risk of the disease....

Cream to be tested as skin cancer cure

A simple cream could eventually replace the surgeon's scalpel as an effective mass treatment for the most common type of skin cancer.

Cancer Research UK reassures women over breast cancer chemicals study

Cancer Research UK has said that a report on a possible link between environmental chemicals and breast cancer should not alarm women as it does not draw on all the...

Relatives of young breast cancer patients could face increased risks of other cancers

Both male and female relatives of women diagnosed with breast cancer before the age of 35 are potentially at an increased risk of other cancers.

Genes hold key to advance warning of side effects

Scientists have identified two genes which are associated with an adverse reaction to the treatment of breast cancer, the National Cancer Research Institute Conference has...