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Large US trial finds screening of heavy smokers reduces lung cancer deaths

Current or former smokers who are screened with low-dose spiral computed tomography scanning could be 20 per cent less likely to die from lung cancer.

Glowing cells guide ovarian cancer surgery

Dutch surgeons have performed the first ever surgical procedures on ovarian cancer patients using new technology that illuminates ovarian cancer cells, making it easier to...

Charity dismayed over tobacco meeting at European Parliament

Cancer Research UK is today expressing dismay at the news that the European Parliament is hosting a British American Tobacco (BAT) lobbying event on corporate social...

First report on ethnicity and cancer published

The National Cancer Intelligence Network (NCIN) and Cancer Research UK has today (Thursday) published the first report on cancer incidence and ethnicity.

Smoking ban cuts air pollution in Irish pubs by 83%

The ban on smoking in the workplace in Ireland has led to an 80 per cent decrease in airborne benzene - a known cancer-causing chemical - in public houses and an...

Kevin Adams and Christopher Biggins dig in their heels for Cancer Research UK

The 'stiletto' shoe was on the other foot in London today as a group of men joined Jade Goody's close friend Kevin Adams and actor Christopher Biggins to pay a light-...

Public in dark over causes of cervical cancer

Most people in the UK do not know that cervical cancer is linked to a common sexually transmitted virus, according to a Cancer Research UK study1.

Prostate cancer may increase risk of blood clots

Men with prostate cancer, particularly those receiving hormone therapy, may face an increased risk of blood clots or 'thromboembolism'.

Possible gene involvement in spread of breast cancer to lungs

Scientists have identified a set of genes which appear to work together to promote the spread of breast cancer cells to the lungs.

Moving images reveal secrets behind breast cancer spread

CANCER RESEARCH UK scientists have used a cutting edge microscopy technique to identify genes whose activity could be blocked by drugs to stop the spread of the breast...