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Cancer Research UK 'concerned' by reports of radiotherapy delays

Cancer Research UK has expressed concern at a Conservative report claiming that thousands of cancer patients are not receiving the radiotherapy treatment they need.

Lung cancer screening effective for high-risk groups, says US group

Screening high-risk individuals for lung cancer with an annual 'CT' scan may be able to detect tumours when they are most treatable, according to new US research.

Triple risk for breast cancer twins

Women who have an identical twin sister with breast cancer are at least three times more likely than average to develop the disease, a leading Cancer Research UK scientist...

Single gene essential for oestrogen response in breast cancer

Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered that a single gene controls the oestrogen-fuelled growth of breast cancer cells, according to research published in Nature...

High white blood cell count may affect cancer risk, says research

People with a high white blood cell count may be more likely to die of cancer, Australian researchers have reported.

Global health group urges co-operation to tackle 'non-communicable' diseases like cancer and heart disease

Efforts to improve the prevention and control of non-communicable diseases are being hampered by countries that are refusing to set UN goals.

Genetic markers could improve prostate cancer test

Analysing small genetic variations could provide a more accurate gauge for men's prostate cancer risk, report the company deCODE genetics.

Study highlights nurses' role in tackling depression

Even after lifesaving treatments, one out of every twelve cancer patients may be suffering from depression, according to a report published in the British Journal of...

Cancer campaigners bring plain packaging protest to Westminster

A GROUP of cancer campaigners covered their faces in plain packaging outside the Houses of Parliament today in support of Cancer Research UK’s latest campaign, ‘The answer...

Public unaware of link between processed meat and bowel cancer

A cancer expert has warned that many people do not know about the link between eating processed meats and bowel cancer, despite there being 'convincing' evidence.