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More lung cancer patients would survive for longer if surgery rates increased

Many more lung cancer patients would survive for longer if they had surgery to remove the disease, according to research published in the European Journal of Cancer.

Omega-3 diet may slow prostate cancer growth

Eating plenty of foods which contain omega-3 fatty acids could help to improve the outlook for men who are genetically prone to developing prostate cancer, researchers...

Shorter radiotherapy waiting times 'saving 2,500 lives a year'

Cuts to radiotherapy waiting times are saving around 2,500 lives annually in England, according to a letter published online in the British Medical Journal.

Smoking 'to blame for majority of gender gap in deaths'

Smoking accounts for up to 60 per cent of the gender gap in death rates across Europe, according to a new study by scientists.

England's World Cup rugby stars help kick cancer into touch.

England rugby stars Phil Vickery, Kyran Bracken and Martin Corry lined up before flying off to the Rugby World Cup to tackle the issue of skin cancer with Cancer Research...

Channel 4 & Cancer Research UK to launch 'Stand Up To Cancer' in the UK

Channel 4 and Cancer Research UK are joining forces to launch ‘Stand Up To Cancer’ in the UK. Television, music and film stars will come together in October in a new...

Professor Ronald Laskey awarded a Royal Medal

Professor Ronald Laskey has been awarded a Royal Medal by the Royal Society, the UK's independent academy for science.

Wandering breast cancer cells can stay dormant for decades

A provocative new theory that breast cancer cells can self-seed by wandering off round the body and returning to the primary tumour, or can stay in the body for several...

Deprivation leads to over 2,600 deaths a year

MORE than 2,600 cancer deaths in England could be avoided each year if all cancer patients had the same chance of survival as the most affluent parts of society

Lung cancer screening benefits uncertain say scientists

The benefits of X-ray screening to detect early lung cancers remain ambiguous, a US trial has said, finding that it did not significantly reduce overall mortality.